5 Best Real Estate Investment Companies to Invest in 2023

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January 7, 2023

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To reap benefits from the market, one must master the skill of investment. Diversification is one of the most important factors to consider to invest successfully in the market. There are many ways to diversify your portfolio, and one of them is to invest in real estate investment companies. 

A real estate investment company offers space, business parks, and high-quality land to businesses to operate, build their empire, and have a varied and high-profile clientele. Real estate investments are investments in real property, commercial assets, and vehicles that can yield a profit year on year, also commonly referred to as productive investment. 

This post declares the top 5 companies that may offer you great real estate investment opportunities. 

Following are the top 5 companies ranked by year-over-year returns, PE ratio, and overall portfolio. They are one of the leading companies in their respective industries and provide services to millions worldwide. These shares can be bought or traded on the open market. 

1. American Tower Communication ACT

Founded in 1995, America Tower Communication is one of the world's leading real estate investment trusts headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the best place to invest in real estate.

The company operates in two rental segments: management and network communication. As an owner and operator of broadcast and wireless communications real estate, the company owns and operates nearly 2,23,000 global sites across six continents, making it one of the largest developers in the country. 

ACT is a $99 Billion company with a nearly 28% of profit margin. The advent of 5G with an extensive supply chain for the network makes it one of the most attractive stocks in the market today. The company intends to distribute an approximate dividend of 3.0% to its shareholders.

  •  Lockin-Period: For better returns, 3+ years is suggested
  • Market cap: $ 99 billion.
  • Current Value AS of DEC 20 2022 $209.62
  • PE Ratio: 34.6

2. Compound Banc

Compound Banc is the best customer-friendly real estate investment app. It helps you to invest in properties, track your returns, diversify your portfolio, and more.

Compound Banc Real Estate Bonds (CREB) are among the safest and most rewarding risk-adjusted bonds with 7% APY compounded daily. Compound real estate bonds are designed to provide passive income to investors and instill a habit of saving by investing. 

They offer retail investors a diverse portfolio to maximize their returns. To get started, you only need to invest $10 and do not have to commit to a specific period. A CREB bond is a hassle-free, easy-to-invest bond with no maturity date. That's what makes them one of the best real estate investing apps.

  • Face Value: $10
  • Coupon Rate: 7% APY
  • Yield: Fixed

Fundrise, Worthy Bonds, and Tellus App are similar apps that may help you learn and grow in real estate investing.  

3. Prologis

There are many highlights in the portfolio of Prologis that make it an excellent investment. They are positioned third on the list. Prologis provides services in 19 countries, making them a leader in the industrial real estate sector. 

Prologis has extensive ownership, development, and investment claims of more than 91 million square feet worldwide. A multinational real estate investment trust with expertise in logistics, they are also engaged in sustainable and renewable energy production.

The company provides business-to-business, retail, and online services. It plans to distribute an approximate dividend of 3.0% to its shareholders.

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California.
  • Market Cap: $121Billion
  • Current Value AS of DEC 20 2022 $112.07
  • PE Ratio: 20.79

4. Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is one of the world's leading information management companies. Established in 1951, it is trusted by over 200,000 customers and helps them solve business challenges. 

The Iron Mountain real estate portfolio has been spread over 90 million square feet across around 1450 facilities in over 50 countries. Additionally, its customers are among the fortune 1000 with an impressive retention rate of 95%. 

As a specialist in art storage and logistics, Iron Mountain helps customers to reduce their costs and provides disaster management, secure destruction, cloud storage management, information security, and more. One of the unique aspects of Iron Mountain is its REIT year-over-year return, which stands at 19%, as well as its dividend yield of 4.95 percent with a 9-year record of consecutive dividend increases.

  • Market Cap: $14.9Billion
  • Current Value AS of DEC 20, 2022 $50.21
  • PE Ratio: 29.54

5. VICI Properties INC

VICI Properties is unique among this list; it is one of the largest experimental real estate trusts that own leading gaming markets, entertainment centers, and hospitality properties. With the significant goal of creating a high standard of experimental real estate properties, it widely spread around the world with its presence in Vice city i.e. LAS VEGAS.

In addition to an estimated 58000 rooms and 400 restaurants, the area encompasses 122 million square feet of hospitality, gaming, clubs, casinos, and bars. VICI Properties owns four champion golf courses. That's one of the most luxurious portfolios one can find. VICI Properties offers a high-yield dividend of 4.72%.

  • Market Cap: $31.9Billion
  • Current Value AS OF DEC 20, 2022 $33.08
  • PE Ratio: 31.31

Crucial Factors to Consider Before Real Estate Investing 

Investments are subject to one's own research and analysis. These real estate investment companies hold retail, commercial properties, industrial sectors, hospitals, residential properties, and entertainment facilities.

  • One should diversify one's investment portfolio and conduct thorough research before investing.
  • Check the underlying quality of the portfolio.
  • Understand investment Company Management.
  • Look for a high dividend yield.
  • Review the PE Ratio and Net Operating Income.

Real estate investments include specified property investments and a diversified portfolio that provides better returns. Furthermore, the property offers modern and sustainable facilities, safety, and ethical working conditions. One must study these factors before investing. 


After reviewing the above top companies, you may have acquired a general understanding of what and how to analyze a particular real estate investment platform. The next step is to research before investing and use the above parameters to understand the company. You can also search for a real estate group near me and get more companies to invest in. Investments are risky, but you can earn higher returns with the knowledge. All the best for your investment journey! 

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