Letter from the CEO

When Warren Buffet was asked why doesn't everyone copy his investment strategy, he replied, "because nobody wants to get rich slowly." ' We at Compound wanted to create a product that would allow everyone to take advantage of Buffet's advice, and invest like the titans on Wall Street.

Before we could do that, we understood that we had to eliminate the barriers that made investing complicated and inaccessible to everyone except the clients of Wall Street Banks. These barriers prevented millions of consumers from gaining financial freedom, and greatly contributed to society's wealth inequality by continuing the cycle that allowed the rich to get richer. The first barrier we sought to eliminate was that consumers could not invest because they did not have the time, or knowledge to understand how the markets worked. Simply put, they could not afford the volatility that the stock and cryptocurrencies markets presented. Second, we wanted to remove the gatekeepers on Wall Street, who restricted access to quality investments products like bonds for the everyday consumer. They did this because they could only earn their exorbitant management fees by using these products to grow the wealth of their elite client base. Third, we sought to eliminate the high cost of entry that made large alternative investments inaccessible to consumers.

Through Compound Bonds, we eliminated these barriers, and have transformed the status quo in two of the most entrenched and difficult to access industries and asset classes - Wall Street Finance, and Real Estate. Compound Bonds was made with the needs and concerns of the consumer in mind, and has completely democratized the access consumers have to grow their wealth. They have opened the doors for everyone to take advantage of Buffet's advice, and start investing like the titans on Wall Street.

Join Us in Growing Your Wealth Slowly,

Inderjit Tuli

Chairwoman, and Chief Executive Officer

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